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KASH Sales Orders Module is a highly functional module that helps your company to fully process the customer orders. It automates the creation of both customer and internal documentation.

“Sales order” is simply a document you can use to track a customer order that is in-house that hasn't shipped yet.

Once the order is built and/or is ready to ship, you can then turn it into an invoice.

The use of sales orders is completely optional, but can be a huge time-saver

  • Sales plan

It helps in preparing your sales strategy and plans to achieve your sales success through a very simple and efficient form.

This form is used to develop key measurements that mark the progress of sales estimates that guides your growth.

The description of your sales activity is analyzed by producing a report that informs factors impacting your sales achievements.

Sales plan could be made on warehouse, brand, and group specific criteria chosen from item classification

  • Sales commissions

By using sales commissions’ target, you can control human errors in calculating sales commissions and have accurate calculations.

It will help you to:

  • Increase productivity of sales people
    • Reduce administrative cost, time and effort
    • Track sales, commissions and bonuses
    • Analyze all sales and commissions data
    • Compare actual sales and sales target planning to make right featured sales plan
  • Sales Order Integration:

Sales Orders are fully integrated with KASH Inventory control, Accounts Receivable modules.

  • Dashboard

With simple and professional queries, you can find all answer of question you need about sales order

  • Sales order statues (open, closed, cancel...)
  • Client sales order history

Sales order covered by which payment