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The real asset and base of every organization or company is its employee and human resources.

Knowing how to manage your employees and their performance is one of the most important and vital things to do...

KASH Time Attendance module helps you to have a fully automated controlled system to manage and monitor your employees’ attendance and working hours.

KASH Time Attendance module automates time tracking & daily attendance tracking. The functionality enhances the organization’s performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time attendance needs.

KASH TA module helps to efficiently organize labor data‚ improve the workforce management and minimize errors in the enforcement of a company’s attendance policies.

  • KASH TA features in details:


  • Divides the company into divisions & departments (up to 5 levels) used in different reports related to time attendance
  • Full coverage for different time attendance, incentives, weekends for different ranks (managers, workers….)


  • Handles different roll of Attendance (Full Time, part time and  free time)
  • Handles different shifts:
    • Defining shifts & linking employees with these shifts
    • Defining vacations
    • Changing an employee's shift or holding an employee for a certain period & then return him back
    • The annual vacations effect on shifts
  • Links with most identification devices (magnetic cards – barcode – fingerprints)
  • Full coverage of permissions
  • Handles employee substitutions (meals – rest..) which is related to overtime
  • Handles overtime & its effect on:
    • Vacations
    • Salaries (when linked with payroll)
    • No effect
  • Group permissions to the company


  • Handles employee vacations (annually - sickness - abnormal -  official – weekend - global) and automatically calculates the balances
  • Outside work orders effect on vacations (added to vacation balances or calculated as bonuses or allowances)
  • Ability to post vacations to the following year (balance roll over)


  • Companies master list
  • Employees master list
  • Time attendance – summary
  • Time attendance – detail
  • Work times
  • Work orders
  • Permissions
  • Employee shift data
  • Not signed out
  • Official vacations
  • Overtime permissions
  • Delay
  • Employee vacations
  • Not authorize sign out
  • Absent
  • Vacations balance
  • General report – summary
  • General report – detail
  • Shifts plan
  • Time Attendance Module integration with other KASH modules:

Link with Payroll

  • Time Attendance link with Payroll to automatically calculate values of  items that affected by employees times changes

Link with Project Cost

  • Time Attendance link with Project Cost Module to Automatically get the Employees Hours whom work in the Projects